This Election Is (Not) Important

An open letter to my children

Congratulations! You’ve survived the debates. The bluster, rhetoric, and promises will continue for the next two weeks. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF YOUR LIVES! Just like 2016, 2012, 2008, 2004,… Then post election, expect anger and disappoint from some; joy and gloating from others. Keep it in perspective.

The election is important…

…because the parties that control each branch of government set policy and laws which impact every citizen. Think about what is important to you. How you would like to see the US operate? What are your core principles? Doesn’t matter what some talking head on the TV says or that witty social media post. What do you believe in? Draft a list then study the candidates and their policies. (Policies are important — ignore the rhetoric. That is noise.) Then cast your ballot. Only once please.

Because the election is important…

…except when it’s not

Will a President Biden help you work at the NY Times? Will House Speaker Pelosi help you retire by 40? Will President Trump help you start a brewery or improve your golf game? Nope. Well maybe on the golf.

Many people lament when their political ‘team’ does not hold the power. It casts a pall over their lives which seeps into their daily happiness — or lack thereof. A state of perpetual misery and negativity. Be better than that.

Democrats, Republicans, Independent, Green Party, Blue, Red. It will change frequently. What does not change is that your life goals are yours. You own them. Not government politicians.

You set the vision for your life. You own the plan. You make it happen through your energy and commitment. That scares some people. It should be exciting! What you want is out there today, awaiting your arrival.

Reflect on your life priorities, draft your list and create your plan. Then vote. For yourself. Unlike the presidential election, you don’t have to wait 4 years to choose yourself. It’s the vote you are allowed to cast as many times as you wish. That election of who you want to be and accomplish starts anew every day. That election IS the most important.

Your mom and I are excited to see how you cast your ballots.




Blend of serious and fun perspectives on random topics. Write when inspiration and motivation strike — hopefully they arrive at least 2x per month.

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Chris Caile

Chris Caile

Blend of serious and fun perspectives on random topics. Write when inspiration and motivation strike — hopefully they arrive at least 2x per month.

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