Too early, ridiculously over-generalized observations on N.E. — Part 1

After 90 days living and driving around Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine, we’ve been here long enough for sweeping generalizations. We begin with New England towns.

It has been decreed by proclamation that every town in New England must have…

An open letter to my children

Congratulations! You’ve survived the debates. The bluster, rhetoric, and promises will continue for the next two weeks. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF YOUR LIVES! Just like 2016, 2012, 2008, 2004,… Then post election, expect anger and disappoint from some; joy and gloating…

Change creates opportunity

Six. Eight. Sixteen.

Those aren’t my children’s ages. Or six-thousand eight hundred and sixteen. Those three numbers represent my life since February:

  • 6 houses I’ve stayed in
  • 8 hotels visited (including the one I’m in right now typing this)
  • 16 different beds within those 14 locations above (including sleeping in…

Let’s shift our thinking from ‘Or’ to ‘And’ for all our benefit

“You want people to die!”

“You don’t care if people can’t feed their families!”

Sadly, the statements above are common the past few weeks. The news and social media divide us each day based upon these two competing…

Right outside of Soho Square in the heart of London sits The Toucan — a pub dedicated to Guinness. It looks as close to a must visit as anyplace. Further research showed that Jimi Hendrix once performed in the basement. …

Chris Caile

Blend of serious and fun perspectives on random topics. Write when inspiration and motivation strike — hopefully they arrive at least 2x per month.

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